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X Marks the Spot – But Not the Close Button!

While not all scenarios described in this blog where “x” is used would cause a failure of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), failure to account for some of the items mentioned in this blog can lead to some users being unable to utilise aspects of your website, mobile app or web application. So let’s start looking for buried treasure and find the Xes.


Innoculous Trauma: Being a Leftie in a Rightie’s World

I was born left handed. I jokingly say “That’s before they beat it out of me.” I would like to state I was not physically beaten for this and I was not traumatised by my left-handedness, but my life was made exponentially harder since I associated myself as being “bad” because I preferred my left hand and I was forced to assimilate and attempt to pass as right handed.