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From full audits, document testing and usability/user testing A11yPals can help you with all your testing needs. We specifically focus on accessibility and best practice testing and offer services across:

  • Website Auditing
  • Mobile App auditing
  • Usability Testing (by people with disabilities)
  • Component testing

Our tried and tested methodologies for auditing meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – Evaluation Method (WCAG-EM). We work with out clients to best scope both feature driven and cost conscious testing without compromising on quality. For website and mobile app testing we ensure that coverage as a minimum includes:

  • One sample of each template (note that templates may include different variation of physical templates such as different layout or component changes on an existing template.)
  • Where possible full user journeys across key user interactions
  • a random sampling of pages on top of detailed scope
  • Any testing performed with automated or semi automated testing is also manually tested.
  • Testing across multiple physical devices and configurations ensuring good coverage for technologies, browsers and assistive technologies.

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