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  • Australian and international events and conferences
  • Updates on course content and blog articles
  • Disability advocate features
  • Local disability focused businesses or businesses owned and operated by people with disabilities
  • Technology accessibility tips and tricks.

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Blog Categories

Articles by Kylie aka The Hairbow Hippie.

Digital Accessibility

These articles relate to both technical and non-technical article content which describe different aspects of digital accessibility, accessibility strategy, designing, building and testing for accessibility.

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These articles related to Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Educational content to raise awareness of the impacts C-PTSD can have on people’s lives. These articles also include Hairbow Hippie’s lived experience with C-PTSD.

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Lived Experience and Advocacy

These articles outline examples of lived experience of disability by Cyborg and Hairbow Hippie as well as advocacy and general disability awareness and supports.

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Page containing the list of all blog articles. Browse all blogs sorted by categories.

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Important disclaimers

  • Any mention of others and their disability information has been used with their consent.
  • AI generated images and personally created images have been used throughout these blog articles. The AI are usually pretty easy to tell (see if you can spot the roller-skate with six wheels).
  • Opinions shared within these articles are just that opinions and one indivudual can never speak for the whole disability community.
  • If you find any inaccurate information I would appreciate it being brought to my attention. Disability advocacy is an ever changing world and while one does try to stay up to date it is not possible to be across all things all the time.
  • Kylie also has her own lived experience origin story.
  • If you wish to reuse or repurpose information from this site please first seek permission and link back to the original content. Thank you.