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This page is a collection of all our digital accessibility blogs. Regardless of your knowledge level and technical expertise you will find useful and entertaining blog content focused primarily on digital accessibility.

Digital accessibility in this context includes

  • web, mobile apps
  • documents
  • information kiosks
  • applications
  • card reader
  • eftpos terminals
  • assistive technologies.

Non-Technical Articles

Technical Articles

  • Why HTML Hates Costume Parties

    Why HTML Hates Costume Parties

    Just as there are a bunch of rules in life “A baby does not come with an instruction manual”, “the only constants in life are death and taxes”, “never play leapfrog with a unicorn” (just think about the indemnity insurance!) There are also a few critical rules for digital accessibility. One of these is that HTML…

  • X Marks the Spot – But Not the Close Button!

    X Marks the Spot – But Not the Close Button!

    While not all scenarios described in this blog where “x” is used would cause a failure of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), failure to account for some of the items mentioned in this blog can lead to some users being unable to utilise aspects of your website, mobile app or web application. So let’s start…