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A11yPals offers multiple design service tailored to your requirements. We perform designs and create designs which meet customer expectations and accessibility milestones. A11yPals ensures you are factoring accessibility and ease of use principles into early stages in your projects’ lifecycles. By evaluating early, you save costs by preventing inaccessible code being pushed to production. Additionally you expand your audience and revenue stream, by making your content accessible to everyone.

All design options, include presentations and playback to business stakeholders, design and development teams. This ensures correct focus is placed on accessible design and the message to stakeholders is clear. A11yPals gives you more than standard designs. We have experience as developers, so ensure we remove ambiguity for the build phase. We train your existing designers in approriate tools use and removal of ambiguous communications between business stakeholders, designers and developers.

Fully Inclusive Design Creation

A11yPals can create new designs for your websites, mobile apps and documents. The high quality designs include accessibility features cleanly marked up for ease of understanding.

Designs can be created in many different tools based on each clients individual needs.

Design Reviews

If you already have designs available, A11yPals can sanity check these designs to ensure they meet accessibility best practice. We can perform design reviews directly in the tools you are using, to remove ambiguity and manage in ways which work for your team.

For your accessibility design needs, contact us to get a custom quote.