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The following are a selection of products that Hairbow Hippie has found helpful for her own accessibility needs. While she personally found these items helpful they may not be useful or accessible for everyone. The information on this page is her personal opinion and Hairbow Hippie has received no payment in any form for any of the items reviewed nor has she been asked for endorsement.

Hairbow Hippie Favorites

Heart Mirror Earrings by

Available from  

Two sets of plastic love heart shaped earrings which are open to show a hollow and mirror. One pair is red and the other pair is pink.

For any kitsch earing lovers who like me struggles to remember if they have taken their daily medications these are great fun earrings which will store your meds secure so you don’t forget them on a night out (and if you can’t remember if you took your meds a simple shake of the earrings will let you know). These have been a lifesaver for me. I always have one day’s worth of meds in the earrings so any time I wear them I don’t have to worry if I am out later than planned. These earrings make sure I always take my meds on time. They also look darn cute when paired with similar colour hairbows. 

If you are buying these earrings however for the mirrors. They are not worth it, this mirrors are really just some shiny plastic and not good enough for you to check and reapply your lipstick. 

Rating 3.5/5

Emotional Support Buddy Pin and Inspirational Prints

from Emotional Support Buddy

Holographic badge with a cartoon purple dragon surrounded by the text "Emotional Support Buddy"
Set of 4 white cards with designs of an  teal coloured axolotl. Cards read "I've got this", "Be kind to your mind", Self-Care" and "Believe in Yourself"

Badges, pins and motivational mini prints with positive mental health messages by a NSW and Western Sydney local designer.

I first encountered this designer at Sydney Supanova 2023’s Artist Alley and since then have learnt she exhibits and sells most markets held at Castle Hill showground. The designer has lived experience of disability is extremely friendly and talented.

These emotional support buddies will help you a little or maybe alotl ????

Rating 5/5

MOFT Sit Stand Laptop Desk


Laptop sitting on a black MOFT folding stand. The stand is setup to the maximum height the product can reach.

Laptop stand which can fold into 5 different positions making it useful as a standard riser or as a podium when presenting. Folds flat to half an inch for easy travelling. Can hold up to 22 pounds so great for most laptops. Can work with laptops, tablets and phones and can allow these to be on an angle or flat. I use it everywhere from my home office to on planes. Easy to adjust to place and sturdy once configuration is selected. 

Rating 5/5

ErgoPoint Vertical Mouse by Swiftpoint

Available from

Hand dripping the Swiftpoint ergonomic vertical mouse. Two small buttons are situation near the thumb. The primary buttons are out of sight on the other side of the mouse.

A fantastic ergonomically friendly vertical mouse which allows you to keep your hand in a more comfortable position for longer with multiple configurable buttons. It comes with software allowing you to 

  • Link any program to your PC on a rotor function for selection
  • Advise when you have spent longer than a set period on your PC and should take a break or finish for the day
  • Reminders to stretch your legs and rest your eyes at periodic times of computer use
  • Presenting tools that allow you to easily and quickly change your cursor to highlight, spotlight or change contrast and shape immediately while you are presenting. 

This is one of the all time favorite computer gadgets I have used. So good I have bought 3 (not because I am worried about them breaking but because I am notorious for loosing small electronics).

Rating 5/5

Retro Skates

Available from

A single roller-skate. Boot is shiny teal vinyl with peach laces. Wheels and toe stop are matching teal.

Since these have been so helpful with managing my C-PTSD (better than a lot of meds!) I thought I should review. Solid skates for the beginner to intermediate. Soft skates suitable for both indoor and outdoor use which cushion, and hold up to significant wear tear, even on asphalt. Best of All they are Australian owned and operated company and have great warranties. Crazy Skates range are more comfortable, supportive and suitable to learners than other low quality skates such as Impala. Not that I am not dissin’ on people who want to buy impalas, but Impalas do run into significant issues if you want to skate more than once a week in a range of environments, you weigh more than 60kgs or expect to be able to do tricks at the skatepark.

Rating 6/5 Extra marks for bringing a smile to my face and holding off the flashbacks!